About Us

FADES ( Fight Against Depression & Enlightening Soul ) is being founded by Shilpa Pitroda along with others, after surviving from depression, which almost gulped everything she stood for. She feels that if a certain incident could make her feel that way then there are numerous people in India, who are feeling like she did and craving for help from inside.

With this initiative, she is looking forward to bring out a change in the society and change the statistical data of India, which tells that India has highest number of depressed people in the world.

The Vision

One cannot just come out of pothole without trying. A person can start thinking that he would die in there or just sit there crying. Similar situation can be felt in depression or any other mental disorder. We are here to make people understand the fact that if a person can get physically ill then mental illness can be here. We want to eliminate the mental-illness taboos from the Indian society so that more and more people come forward and talk. This way, someone’s life could be saved. When someone dies then death does not only take the life from the victim but from the around as well.


Message from the team

Our mission is to prevent, spread awareness, articulate and be a helping hand to people who cannot cope up with their life.


Shilpa Pitroda



Addlin Sussan


Our Executive Team

Dr. Dhara Patel

Suraj Jangid

Ashish sharma

Saba Husaain

Dev Ashish Sahoo

Jagat Singh

Dr. Sweta Kansal

Raja Mishra

Our Technical Team

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"Let's fight depression together for we are the same"